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jewellery photography Cambridge

Detail and presentation are of utmost importance when dealing with jewellery. Stunning and high-quality photos to portray these details are essential for a consistent, professional and prominent website. 


it is, therefore, more significant now than ever better to display eye-catching photos of your jewellery collection online to help clients make a well-informed buying decision. 


The ultimate goal of a jewellery image is to sell it. Therefore, a jewellery photo should be expertly taken to reveal all the key benefits and features of the jewellery. Let the image draw the client in, while these other aspects help to convert the prospect into a buying customer. 

In jewellery photography, it’s normal for businesses to be intimidated by how small, shiny and intricate the products can be. It is in this view that photographic jewellery requires a precise exercise. Any light reflections produce undesirable effects on the image. A skilled photographer, therefore, should know the optimum light conditions to avoid such imperfections. Good photography requires sharpness, optimum lighting, exposure, and sparkle. It is worth getting out of your camera's manual to find out how to put the camera in "spot focus" mode. A customer would want to experience a 360-view of your product online as though they were in-store checking it out physically.  Therefore, to satisfy this curiosity and desire to feel the product, you must try to upload many images of your products showing several angles. 


Shooting at least a straight-on image from the front, an angled image from the front, a close-up detail shot and a top view on jewellery products can help create an excellent look of the products, an improved customer shopping experiences as well as boost your product sales! Consistency is another outstanding attribute when dealing with jewellery images. A customer does not want images that have variations; no matter how small they can be. This will confuse and distract customers, lowering the professional appearance of your business. The type of background has a huge effect on the image. The background describes the story of your jewellery in pictures. A white background will provide excellent visual acuity on the jewellery. It is vital to ensure the jewellery is spotlessly clean as any form of dust will be visible in a properly taken image. A non-white background can also create an impressive appearance to portray special meaning and an atmosphere to the jewellery, thus creating its little world.


Taking a good photo of your products will no doubt boost your online campaigns. Likewise, learning how to style your product photos to reveal key features should not be underestimated. Lightning is vital when preparing to take a beautiful photo of your jewellery. Even more important in jewellery shoot photographyis learning how to adjust the lightening, so you get just the right amount of both indoor and outdoor light. 

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One close-up picture is showing details of the item and one big picture showing the whole item on its environment or a model provides exquisite results. With jewel photography, the seller has the advantage of generating more leads, impressing current clients while attracting new clients. This has an impact on more and consistent sales with your products commanding better prices.


With all the creativity in jewellery photography, one thing is for sure; let the jewellery shine as the centre of attention. Every piece of jewellery is special and unique in its own way. With seamless photography, it should make a calm statement of its inherent beauty.

regardless of the jewellery photographers you choose.


if you have any enquiries about jewellery photography, please email me at, contact me or give me a call on 02034 880 696, I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you exactly what you want, how I can achieve that, and I can address any other queries you may have.

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