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The first thing that jumps out at you from any advert outside the radio is the imagery. In that moment, at least some of your potential customers will make up their mind whether to buy or not; that first impression can be everything.

With the cameras supplied with smartphones improving in quality with every generation and digital SLR cameras dropping in price, there’s been a tendency in recent years to carry out product photography in house. However, a great camera alone does not a great photograph make – especially not reliably, when you need new photographs and branding for an entire product line.

My studio is available for bookings for commercial product photography, though I also have a mobile studio I can bring to you. With these I bring the extra ingredients that separate professional commercial photography from shots taken by a member of your team; lighting, control of environmental conditions, and, of course, over a decade of experience in the field – and that’s what really makes the difference.

I invite you to compare your company’s own preview shots of your products with the images in my portfolio; I’m confident that you’ll see the difference in quality – but I can also assure you that what your customers will see is a high quality product.

I hold a licence from the British Institute of Professional Photography, in addition to which I have a reputation built over years on professionalism and reliability; clients like Industville, Flossy, and Hedonism Wines have all been very satisfied with my work.

Unlike many other professional photographers, I specialise in commercial product and packshot photography, producing images for print and web marketing and for e-commerce site listings.

Focus on Customer Success

Your satisfaction and preferences are my primary concern. One of the first things I’ll do is discuss what you want these photographs for so that I can focus on what’s best for the media you’ll be using.

For email and website use I also offer stop motion animation, 360 degree images, and even interactive photography of your products. I’m well versed in Photoshop and if you feel the images you’ll be using could benefit from Photoshop I’m happy to discuss and produce the effects that you envision.

I’ve worked with clients in a great many retail sectors:

  • Jewellery

  • Fashion

  • Technology

  • Personal grooming

  • Events equipment

  • Confectionery

  • Luxury beverages

  • And many more…

Feel free to browse through the photo portfolios throughout the site to get a real sense of what I can do for you. I offer commercial packshot, product, and jewellery photography, and after just one session’s shooting my photographs can significantly improve sales.

If you want to find out more, you can submit an inquiry via my contact form, email me at or call on 02034 880 696

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